Hey, I'm Lexie. Let's get married.

Anonymous asked: Hey i saw your post about Sarah Lawrence where did you end up deciding to go?

I can’t afford college so I’m moving back to my hometown of Portland, Oregon with almost no money, no job, and no real place to stay and I’m really excited.

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Title: Be A Body Artist: Grimes 7,741 plays


Grimes - Be A Body. 

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Anonymous asked: where do u live

soon I’ll be back in my hometown of pdx 

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Anonymous asked: but wat do you look like without glasses?

probably like this I guess

how 2 interact w/theatre kids

at any given time just ask “when’s the show?” even if it’s the summer bc they probably do summer theatre just ask them when the show is


Kamal Tung

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Air France Madame, June-July 2014

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Let’s not talk about how I am. It’s a subject I know too much about to want to think about anymore.

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By Xander Marrow


By Xander Marrow

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